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Clean-livin’, created by Dave Borges & Eric Lebow, is Endless Spectrum Studios ongoing original web series.

The web series, CLEAN LIVIN’, turns the world of contract killing on its ear. This character driven, off-color, dark comedy series explores the lives of two hitmen, Bobby and Vinnie, as they “execute” some of the less glamorous aspects of their chosen profession.

Bobby Barcerelli (Joe Siriani) juggles being a small business owner, devoted family man and loving husband; all the while secretly working as one half of Rhode Island’s mostly deadly contract killing duo. On the other side of the coin is Vinnie Viviani (Greg Paul), a third generation quote unquote Family Man, who hasn’t quite gotten his life together; or out of his mothers’ basement for that matter.

It’s not all bullets, blood stains and body bags in the lives of Vinnie and Bobby. Clean Livin’ explores the everyday slice of life challenges and minor mysteries. Like; why does all good Polish food end in that long “iee” sound? Whether or not HDTV is really a scam? How do you make one roll of toilet paper last three months?

With the arrival of Clean Livin’ Season Two there's no time for laying about, with pressing work to be done, Vinnie and Bobby answer the call. Each in their own way of course…

Clean Livin - Casting Call
We are currently seeking actors to fill a few roles for an upcoming Clean Livin specical episode. For more information on parts being cast, submitting for consideration and to be a part of the casting process.
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Clean Livin - Festival Updates

Clean Livin Season Two Poster

It's Official, Clean Livin has been accepted into the second annual Los Angeles Web Series Festival.


The Mark (Chuck Doherty)
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